Liberal Trinity Church of God In Christ was founded by the Late Dr. David R. Curry, Sr. in 1919, when he was led by the Spirit of God while in Selma Alabama, to go to Jackson, Mississippi to establish a church.  As a result, he came to Jackson with his wife, a guitar, a tambourine, and faith in God. The seed of holiness had already been planted in Jackson by the late Bishop Charles Harrison Mason and others, but no Church of God In Christ had been established in the area.

In 1922, a permanent building was purchased at 145 West Oakley Street. The house was built with a partition - one part to house the pastor, his wife, and other saints, while the other part was dedicated to the service of God.  The church was known as Oakley Street Church of God In Christ.   Elder Curry later changed the name of the church to Liberal Trinity Church of God In Christ, which coincided with the doctrine of the church - its membership is composed of liberal-hearted people who fully believed in the trinity: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost.

In 1930, this building was destroyed by fire, but through sacrifice, fasting and praying a new church was built.  In 1932, during the depression, a larger church was needed and through the grace of God and the strength of faithful members, the church was enlarged.

Tragedy again struck Liberal Trinity in 1971.  The remodeled church was burned beyond repair. However, through the assistance of Bishop Theo Davis, the congregation was temporarily relocated to Hair Street.  At that time, Superintendent Curry was in failing health and Superintendent Marcus L. Butler assisted him with the pastoral duties.  Superintendent Curry was called from labor to reward on January 24, 1972.

After the death of Superintendent Curry, Liberal Trinity was in search of another great leader.  Superintendent E.W. Newsome was appointed to serve as pastor in March of 1972.  Under his leadership, many young people accepted Jesus Christ as their personal Savior and were baptized with the Holy Ghost.

After  Liberal Trinity was relocated to its present location at 725 West Northside Drive, Pastor Newsome appointed 10 Building Fund Captains.   It was through his leadership that the Bus Ministry was started.  He purchased a bus to transport the Saints to and from church.  It was also during his leadership, that the church adopted the motto: "Everybody is Somebody!"  He was a great prayer warrior who believed in fasting as well as praying.  He started the Historic 9:00 a.m. Daily Prayer at the church.

Again, the will of God was fulfilled in March 1975, when Pastor Newsome was called home.  The progression of the church continued when Superintendent Hollis Musgrove was appointed pastor in March of 1975.   Many souls have yielded themselves to God and have been healed, delivered, and blessed under the anointed preaching, teaching, and praying of this great man.


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